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The exterior siding on your home takes a beating from the weather but, your doors are subjected to no only the weather but also daily use. Your family is constantly going out and coming back in…your doors get a lot of use!

This constant opening and closing of your doors in itself does not “wear out the door” but the constant flexing can loosen the stiles and rails (framing of the door) plus the weatherstripping and jambs tend to get banged up. Remember moving the old refrigerator out and bringing the new one in? Compared to a window, doors will wear out sooner due to continuous operation coupled with exposure to the weather.

Energy Efficient Door Replacements in Houston

When it comes to door materials, traditionally they have been manufactured of solid hardwoods and veneers. Some are a softwood such as fir internally but may have oak veneer skins or even metal skinned. There have been some improvements over the years with more modern doors being skinned with fiberglass and even constructed internally from composite materials.

A door skinned with either metal or fiberglass helps protect the internal frame from rot causing moisture. The newer composite materials are even more…in fact completely rot proof. Fiberglass and composites are smooth by design but, they can have beautiful, realistic wood grain patterns manufactured right into the face of the material. These are difficult to discern from real wood and are extremely long lasting.

Replacement Door Glass Options

Most entry doors are designed with some glass incorporated into the design. The amount of glass is described by how much of the area the glass covers. If the door is glass from the top down to the door knob are, then this is considered a 1/2 lite door. Continue the glass down another 1/4 way and it’s a 3/4 lite door and then, obviously a full light door if there is a fairly uniform solid frame surrounding mostly glass.

The glass units used in Houston replacement doors are manufactured just like the glass units in a picture window. All of the same terminology and specifications apply to door glass. They are manufactured as an Insulating Glass Unit (IGU) which is two sheets of glass separated by an insulating spacer. Glass in doors is required to be tempered in most cities. It’s a safety issue but also adds a degree of security as well. Tempered glass is more difficult to break but, if the glass does break, it will shatter into very small pieces designed to be much less dangerous to people and pets attempting to exit the home in an emergency.

Large, multi panel patio door area with french doors.

Besides the tempered glass specification, doors will have a solar heat gain coefficient number and a U-factor rating as well. The glass will likely have a Low-E rating to cut down the damaging affects of ultra violet rays from the sun.

Doors come in standard sizes because homes have specific construction rules on entry doors but, Houston Window Experts can measure and install custom sizes as well. Door measurements use a slightly different set of terminology so you’ll hear us use sizes like 3-0/6-8. This means that the door slab itself is 36″ (3 feet, 0 inches) by 80″ (6 feet, 8 inches). For the most part, when you replace doors, the entire door is replaced – door jambs, threshold and all. It will be ordered and arrive as a pre-hung unit.

Our expert door installation crew will arrive at your home ready with the new replacement door, pre-hung and ready to work. The old door will be removed at the hinges first then the door moldings and jambs will be carefully removed. The pre-hung door will be pre-fit and any preparations will be made to the opening.

Then the door will be shimmed into place and be squared and plumbed into place. In order for a door to operate properly and seal properly, it must fit exactly. Once all adjustments are made the door is screwed into the framing with long, stainless steel screws for extra strength and security. The door is then sealed with foam and caulk, the casings or moldings are replaced and it’s ready for finishing.

Doors can be very tricky to get right so, you’ll really appreciate doing business with an expert! Call Houston Window Experts for an appointment today!



dubble couteWe used on both our previous and current house, for window replacement. Both times, they quoted a competitive price, got the jobs done quickly and accurately. If there are any minor issues that require a follow up visit for correction, they do what it takes to make the customer happy. I will be using them for more projects in the future. end coute

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